Businesses, especially new-age brands today require all forms of funding, be it equity or working capital. Based on growth and stage, a specific type of capital may be more suitable. 

At GetVantage, we deeply understand the needs of founders and when it comes to fundraising, we’re here to help founders Simply #GetFunded no matter what type of capital they need. 

We are thrilled to partner with early-stage investing platform Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) with the aim to invest INR 200 crore in 500+ businesses over the next 12 months. The partnership gives a combined portfolio of around 1,500 digital businesses and startups access to a variety of capital options that include equity and revenue-based financing to extend their runway amidst the onset of a long funding winter.

This partnership facilitates businesses with a comprehensive funding solution to drive their growth and foster rapid scaling. GetVantage and IPV, both have a founders-first approach when it comes to funding early-stage startups and businesses. The partnership unlocks access to each other’s portfolio and allows the two companies to invest in both new businesses and existing startups in the form of equity as well as revenue-based growth capital, depending on the businesses specific requirements.

What does IPV do?

IPV is an angel investment platform that offers capital and knowledge, networking opportunities, and mentorship in exchange for equity. 

Moreover, IPV streamlines the funding process through its digitized evaluation system, providing a single point of contact throughout the funding journey. Additionally, IPV has a unique community-building program – ‘Founders Genie’ that promotes peer-to-peer problem solving, further contributing to a company’s success. 

What advantages does the partnership offer you?

GetVantage and IPV share a common goal to help businesses accelerate their growth! 

With this partnership, IPV portfolio brands have easy and quick access to equity-free capital from GetVantage, up to INR 10Cr in as less as 5 days, while GetVantage portfolio brands get to connect with IPV for their knowledge, expertise, and equity capital. As the business landscape constantly evolves, it’s important to have the right financing partner for a business. The partnership offers a tailored solution for every business’s unique journey. 

To connect with the IPV team, click here.

To take equity-free funds from GetVantage, connect here, and to partner and provide the best-working equity-free capital solution to your clientele, get in touch with our team.

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