Every brand wishes to have a broad customer base to bring them a recurring business that ensures a strong and sustainable growth. To win more customers brands need to invest in marketing! 

To help entrepreneurs optimize their marketing & retention efforts, GetVantage is excited to partner with WebEngage, to help founders level up their efforts through better data and automation. A brilliant, Indian-origin SaaS company, WebEngage provides hundreds of the most exciting consumer brands with a comprehensive marketing solution to drive growth and scale rapidly. 

What does WebEngage do?

WebEngage is a platform that streamlines user engagement and customer retention for businesses. It helps increase revenue by creating personalized engagement campaigns across various communication channels. Marketers use the WebEngage dashboard to create user journeys and track their success with analytics. The platform offers valuable insights for businesses to monitor their growth and measure the performance of their marketing campaigns.

WebEngage helps businesses understand and identify their customers by using real-time segmentation and data. This allows for the creation of highly personalized messages for each customer, resulting in more nimble adaptations, and better targeting.

What advantages does the partnership offer you?

Both GetVantage and WebEngage aim to assist companies in boosting their growth and helping them scale efficiently.  

With this partnership, WebEngage portfolio brands have easy and quick access to equity-free capital from GetVantage, up to INR 10Cr in as less as 5 days, while GetVantage portfolio brands get the opportunity to optimize their outreach and retention strategies with WebEngage. 

To connect with the WebEngage team, click here.
To come aboard as a GetVantage partner and provide the best-working capital solutions to your merchant base, get in touch with our team.

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