Networking allows you to establish a strong network of mutually beneficial connections with other entrepreneurs, potential clients, or customers. An excellent network of professionals can help you unlock new gigs, bag a lucrative promotion, or open your mind to new perspectives. In today’s day and age, networking has become essential to further your career due to the plethora of opportunities being unlocked from it. That being said, the quality of your network is paramount. In fact, according to a leading headhunting group, HR Magazine found that “today’s most successful business executives– the visionary crème de la crème–have a relatively small number of contacts compared to second-tier managers and below.”

Once you jet-fuel your business with GetVantage, India’s largest revenue-based financier, you unlock an industry-leading network of fellow entrepreneurs who have been through the trials and tribulations you are going through and might have helpful advice which would propel you even further. All of this is facilitated throught GetVantage’s #FoundersforFounders program, a network which would always be there for you, with no strings attached.

On that note, here are some valuable tips for you to become a master networker –

  1. Be ‘shockingly’ helpful – This phrase comes from the current Founder & CTOof Hubspot, Dharmesh Shah. Like most professionals, Shah believes that the fundamental of great networking is providing the most value possible. By delivering value that is ‘shocking,’ you compel colleagues to go out of their way to help you ensure that the nature of the relationship is mutually beneficial, a core tenant of networking. The dividends of providing immense value will always pay you well. It is practically Newtonian.
  1. Attend events you wouldn’t usually attend – It is usual for us to become highly comfortable in our own circles, attending events that just pique our interests. Although, you need to broaden your horizons and attend events slightly outside your comfort zone. This is because it allows you to meet people who think differently than you and have expertise in different domains, which might be helpful someday. Again, you don’t need to attend events on the polar opposite end of the spectrum of your interests; just try pushing yourself a bit more, and you can be pleasantly surprised. 
  1. Try to be memorable – As long as, you are professional; it does not matter whether you stand out by exchanging an extremely unique business card or sending gifts on unpopular occasions. Standing out of the crowd is what is absolutely crucial as it opens up a greater possibility of further conversation or follow-ups
  1. Be a good student – The key to establishing any good relationship depends upon authentic engagement. Asking good, deep questions that relate well with a specific person allows for a greater connection, which is the essence of networking. You must foster a strong sense of camaraderie while you network. So, listen keenly, and ask good questions. The devil is always in the details! And once you know about your fellow’s pain point, you can be ‘shockingly’ helpful by fixing it.

Essentially, networking is about forming a mutually beneficial bond. Be fearless while you network, and do not put constraints on yourself. It is always about creating a win-win situation by creating value.

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