Rage Coffee, a Delhi-based D2C brand that manufactures, markets and distributes innovative coffee products, has raised undisclosed growth capital from GetVantage, an emerging Revenue-Based Investor for eCommerce. 

Founded in 2018 by Bharat Sethi, Rage Coffee’s first product is a proprietary small batch crystallised instant coffee that delivers a delicious and distinctive caffeine kick. With this new funding in place,  Rage Coffee is on track to  expand distribution through approximately 3,000 outlets nationwide and achieve 5x growth in sales by the end of 2021. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands could be looking at a $100 billion addressable consumer opportunity in India by 2025, according to estimates by Avendus Capital.

GetVantage, known for its innovative fintech platform that offers growth capital to e-commerce companies, is positioned to inject a lot of capital into direct-to-consumer (DTC) start-ups. The firm charges a flat fee on its capital to provide founders with a better, non-dilutive funding alternative.

On this funding, Bhavik Vasa, Founder, GetVantage said, “Bharat and his team are building an exciting fast-growing direct-to-consumer brand in a sector that is seeing explosive growth. GetVantage was purpose-built to support young, savvy, entrepreneurs like Bharat who are focused on delighting customers with quality and innovation. We’re excited to support Rage as a strategic growth-investor and partner with our frictionless funding model.”

Bharat Sethi, founder, Rage Coffee said, “We are always on the lookout for smart investors, who understand the impact of our disruption in the large market we are operating in. Bhavik and his team are catering to Founders like me who want to build large mainstream brands but yet not lose valuable equity over time as they have an amazing non-dilutive financing model that puts revenue first. Investors like GetVantage are able to predict consumer behaviour because they have a Founders’ mindset. It’s exciting for us to scale our business with the support of like-minded investors and growth partners  like GetVantage.”

Discussing the creation of Rage Coffee, Sethi said, “The company was born in early 2018 while I was working on a problem to solve the distribution of new-age CPG brands in India. Although, there were some brands of coffee and instant coffee doing the rounds, the coffee market had a huge potential and many unserved gaps, the category remained largely underserved, was devoid of any real innovation, and underpenetrated online. That is when we decided to focus on ingredients, formulations, manufacturing techniques, packaging, direct-to-consumer distribution to bring a unique coffee experience to everyone.”

“A slew of home-grown, brands like Rage Coffee are set to reshape the future of eCommerce in India.  At GetVantage we are committed to providing exciting eCommerce brands with alternative capital that can supercharge their growth.” – added Bhavik Vasa.

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