Revenue-Based Financing – the new kid on the financing block – is a data-driven, short-term financing solution for startups and digital businesses looking to raise growth as well as working capital.

Being the first Revenue-Based Financing platform in India, GetVantage is excited to bring this new model to Indian digital businesses.

But what does a Revenue-Based deal look like? Fundamentally, an RBF deal is structured around 3 components:

  • The Capital Advance (principal amount)
  • A Flat Fee (a % of the principal amount)
  • A Revenue Share percentage (a small % of your revenues)

Click on this infographic to get a great idea of what a Revenue-Based Financing deal looks like.

The Indicative Termsheet

Another thing GetVantage does to make a founder’s life a little simpler is that we offer an Indicative Termsheet within minutes of you visiting our website.

It’s a 5 minute exercise that gives you indicative terms specific to your business’ spends and revenue data.

You can access your Indicative Termsheet right here.

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