There’s no doubt that the D2C space is booming. Made in India now has an all new meaning with thousands of home-grown brands vying for mindshare and revenue. But the explosion of new brands of India also requires a new funding model to fuel their growth. One of the most popular new funding models globally is Revenue Based Financing which is a frictionless way to raise funds without diluting equity or offering collateral. The accessibility, fairness and flexibility that it offers entrepreneurs is why it not longer an alternate financing option, but one that is preferred and now mainstream. 

It is important to understand that like any other funding model, Revenue Based Financing too isn’t necessarily for everyone or every company. While considering new funding, it’s critical to analyze the specific needs that your business is looking to fulfill. Will RBF best satisfy your business needs and help you accelerate growth or will it just fasten the pace of your success in the short term without offering any long term value?

Here are some pointers that will help you answer these questions and more to best understand if RBF is the perfect fit for your business today:

1. Your business brings in sufficient cash flow: RBF draws a certain percentage from your monthly revenue. Hence, your business needs to demonstrate both a revenue vintage and a steady cash flow to qualify for potential funding. 

2. You want to retain maximum control: What differentiates RBF from other financing options is the flexibility it brings to the table. RBF allows entrepreneurs to run their business on their own terms without diluting equity, giving up board seats, or putting up collateral. It puts founders in control of their own destiny.

3. You need a quick capital injection to scale: RBF removes the friction from typical fundraising processes that can be extremely tedious, stressful, and time consuming. In fact with GetVantage, entrepreneurs can access up to INR 3 cr in less than 5 days. For founders looking to supercharge growth, RBF can be just the catalyst they need. 

At GetVantage, we are extremely passionate about helping founders win! Our frictionless and data-driven approach gives you access to capital that is unbiased, frictionless, and equity-free – empowering you to reach your growth milestones at an accelerated pace. You focus on growth, we’ll bring in the capital. 

We are pumped to supercharge your brand’s growth journey! 

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